Bungaku Shoujo the Movie

You see, I first found out about bungaku shoujo in fanfiction where an author there crossover mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha and bungaku shoujo. It was a very good story and after that, I went and searched the net about bungaku shoujo. I think its just about a week ago when I read the manga of this in mangafox. After that, I went and downloaded the movie.

I haven’t read the novels but I read the manga. As much as I don’t want spoilers, I just can’t write a decent review on this without some minimal spoilers.

The main characters of the story are Inoue Konoha, Amano Touko, and Asakura Miu.

Let’s start with Miu. In the movie, she lies to everyone about how she feels especially to Konoha. She wants to become a writer but deep inside she thought that Konoha stole that away from her and eventually, Konoha will leave her. Her plan started when she saw Touko and Konoha happily chatting with each other in the hospital while visiting Konoha’s classmate, Kotobuki. At the end, Touko is the one who healed her heart and the true meaning of the book Sora ga Miteiru was said by Konoha.

The next character of the story is Inoue Konoha, he is also known as “Inoue Miu” the writer of the best selling book, Sora ga Miteiru. He is haunted by Miu’s suicide when they are in junior high and he thought that Miu’s already dead. He stopped writing after  that. He always write “snacks” for his senior, Amano Touko.

The next character is the literature girl herself, Amano Touko. She’s a very cheery person. She eats paper and books as breakfast, lunch or dinner. She forced Konoha to join the literature club when Konoha found out that Touko eats paper. At the movie, she’s the one who explained Campanella’s true wish to Miu.

The plot of the movie involves the story of the Galactic Railways. This story has the same concept as Sora ga Miteru which was written by Inoue Miu. At the end of the movie, it seems that there was ToukoXKonoha as they kissed in the train station. After the credits, its my own opinion but I think it was Touko visiting Konoha. After all, Konoha as Inoue Miu wrote a novel about Touko.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the other 2 ova of bungaku shoujo that will come out later this year. 🙂


About Fate Testarossa

I'm just a normal 3rd year college student. I live in the Philippines. If anybody of you doesn't know where that is, just search in the net. I know you can find the place there. I'm an anime fan! a very big fan! :) I'm currently still addicted to mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha but I still watch some of the on going anime in the web. I know anime that goes back to the age of the 1st ever gundam. Well anyway, I'm a very busy person because of school work, but I can balance my time in doing what I want. Another thing, I'm very friendly even if other people has the first impression on me like a very stingy person (haha).
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