Fate/Prototype OVA

I was checking for new episodes of Mirai Nikki, Shakugan no Shana or Hunter X Hunter when I saw Fate/Prototype OVA. With Fate/Zero Season 1 over, I got curious about it. It has 12 minutes. It seems like it has the same story line on the start as with Fate/Stay Night where the protagonist was attacked by Lancer. But it seems here, Saber is a guy (King Arthur)! and Archer has the same powers as Archer in Fate/Stay Night but with Gilgamesh looks. Well anyway, here’s some pictures:


About Fate Testarossa

I'm just a normal 3rd year college student. I live in the Philippines. If anybody of you doesn't know where that is, just search in the net. I know you can find the place there. I'm an anime fan! a very big fan! :) I'm currently still addicted to mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha but I still watch some of the on going anime in the web. I know anime that goes back to the age of the 1st ever gundam. Well anyway, I'm a very busy person because of school work, but I can balance my time in doing what I want. Another thing, I'm very friendly even if other people has the first impression on me like a very stingy person (haha).
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