Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki or in english, Future Diary is one of those thriller and suspense type anime. It has blood in it. it can be classified as a mature type of anime.

The manga started way before the anime, but I will discuss the anime here. XD

The anime started last October 11, 2011. it currently has 12 episodes so far.

The story starts with Yukiteru Amano with his “imaginary friends”: Deus and Muru-muru. He also has a unique hobby of writing a diary about random things. Then Deus decided to include Yukiteru in his game in which decides the next God. Deus gives Yukiteru his Future Diary: the Random Diary. He thought that he has the only future diary in the world, but he was wrong.

The game that Deus started includes 12 people with their own unique future diaries. The person who will be God is the one who survives until the end. Yukiteru (1st) joins the game unwillingly but with the help of Gasai Yuno (2nd), his “insane” classmate, who owns the “Yukiteru Diary” they will join the survival game.

The first person to encounter them was Takao Hiyama (3rd), which was later known as Yukiteru’s teacher from school. 3rd is a murderer who owns the “Murder Diary”. This encounter triggered Yukiteru’s Dead End Flag. But with the help of Yuno and Yukiteru’s darts, they killed the 3rd.

The second diary user that they encountered was Minene Uryu (9th). She is a terrorist who owns the “Escape Diary”. She tried to make the whole school her hostage to bring out Yukiteru. The school was utterly destroyed after their meeting. When things seems to turn out for the worst for Yukiteru, he was saved by Keigo Kurusu (4th). A policeman with his diary: “Criminal Investigation Diary”. With the determination to save Yukiteru, Yuno jumped from the school building to the ground, making the building to explode. Yukiteru almost killed 9th but she escaped using her diary. 9th’s left eye is blinded by Yukiteru’s dart.

Yukiteru found out something in Yuno’s home that changed the games forever. Meanwhile, 9th was being kept in the house of Tsubaki Kasugano (6th) with her “Clairvoyance Diary” and being guarded by Yomotsu Hirasaka (12th) with his “Justice Diary”. 6th tried to kill both 1st and 2nd but in the end, 6th and 12th were killed. This case is known as the “Sacred Eye Incident”.

After the incident, Reisuke Houjou (5th) with his “Picture Diary” was being taken care by Yukiteru’s mother because his parents are killed by Yuno in the Sacred Eye Incident. 5th tried to kill Yukiteru and Yuno many times but failed. 5th almost succeeded in killing Yukiteru by putting poisonous gas in his home. He proposes a game to Yuno: a game of Hide and Seek. If Yuno finds 5th, he will give Yuno an antidote. 5th eletricuted Yuno but Yukiteru saves Yuno from her death. Yuno killed 5th.

Yukiteru and Yuno transfers school because their old school was destroyed by the bombing incident with 9th. They met new classmates there. Yukiteru experiences making friends and it made Yuno very jealous. They went to a crime scene on the way home, there they saw Hinata (their new friend) killed with many rabid dogs. They met Akise Aru (one of their classmates) and they ran inside an observatory to take shelter from the dogs. In dire need of help, Yukiteru unleashes the power of his random diary to save themselves from the dogs. The secret of the diary is now exposed. There they saw Hinata alive and well with the 10th’s diary: “Breeder’s Diary”. The diary was originally owned by Hinata’s father, Karyuudo Tsukishima. They suspected Akise of being a diary user. Yukiteru’s diary was now in possession of Hinata and in verge of being destroyed. with the help of Yuno and Akise, Yukiteru’s diary was taken from Hinata and they left. It is seen that Akise is not a diary user at all but has high intuition. Yuno tried to let Yukiteru and herself escape, making their other friends as food of the dogs running after them. In making Yuno understand Yukiteru that he doesn’t want any of his friends to be killed, Yukiteru announced that Yuno and himself are dating each other. 4th killed 10th in the middle of a phone call with Hinata.

Akise tried to do matchmaking. He called Yukiteru and Yuno to meet and join a Bridal Fair in the city. In this episode, Yukiteru tried to reason with himself whether he loves or he can love Yuno because he doesn’t even like Yuno. He also thinks that Yuno is insane. But in the end, he thinks he can at least try. In the end of the episode, it seems that 4th tried to make Yuki and Yuno to be the prime suspects of the dog killings.

Yuki and Yuno got caught by the police. Yuki was interrogated by 4th. It seems that 4th betrayed the alliance between them. Because Yuno was very worried about Yuki, they tried to escape. Yuno shot 4th’s ear while Yukiteru shot a policeman and then they were considered as fugitives. In their running, Yuki saw 4th’s wife carrying donuts. they followed her inside a hospital. they saw 9th in a nurse disguise. 9th helped Yuki and Yuno in going to 4th’s son’s room. It seems that 4th’s son has a disease and that is why he wants to be God. 9th gave Yuki a flash bomb (but Yuki seems to know that its a grenade XD). Yuno tried to save Yuki when he was caught by the police. Yuno was then being kept as a hostage by 4th.         Yuki saw in his diary that if he fired a bullet to 4th, it will hit Yuno and she will be killed. In the end, he said that he loves Yuno and he shot the gun. The entry in the diary then changed. It said there that he shot 4th and he was killed. At the end of the episode, Yuki and Yuno went into the train for their vacation.

I’m so excited for the next episodes… I’ll have to update the rest of the summaries of each episodes when they come out. See you next time! 😀


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